Service design + build. 

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I help businesses to design, build and operate digitally enabled services.

 I work with both traditional management consulting techniques and newer approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean UX and agile frameworks.  

Business analysis.

Take a peek under the hood. Do you know how your business works? Where the weak points are? Can you explain it to a new employee, or a potential supplier?  I can help you map your current situation, as a prelude to future change.

Service design.

What makes great customer service? Well-organised teams, doing the right things, supported by reliable technology.  Let's get your people, processes, data and systems working in harmony - for your business and your customers.

Business writing.

Blog writing and editing, web + intranet copy, presentations, training materials, white papers and reports. Find out more >


Recent articles.



My thoughts on service design and build, project management, communicating your ideas and getting things done.

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Stuff I use to get work done and keep my business under control.

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