I'm Emily O'Byrne, and I'm a service designer.

I have twenty years' experience in software development, management consulting, and digital marketing. I gained much of that experience at PwC Consulting and IBM, working with clients from startups to multinationals.

I trained in user experience design at General Assembly on the full-time UX Design Immersive. You can see examples of my UX work here.

I blend traditional consulting techniques with newer ideas like Design Thinking, Lean UX and agile frameworks, to create a bespoke approach for each client and project. My experience with a wide range of delivery styles means I can recommend an option to suit your needs, or fit in with the approach your team prefers.

I work with organisations, teams, and one-to-one.

Need help?

I'm currently for new projects.

Even when I'm fully booked on projects, I can usually fit in one-to-one coaching. If you're interested please get in touch.