Three ways to pin your favourite Evernotes

I love storing everything in Evernote. Articles, lists, ideas for blog posts… Getting things in is easy. It’s getting them out again that can be hard.

Evernote search is great, but there are some notes I want to keep right at hand. Like putting a sticky note inside the cover of your notebook, so it’s always at the front of your notes.

Templates, for instance. I have a blog template set up, with all the prompts and checklists I use for a post. I want this ready to go at the top of my Blog notebook. But I usually sort my notebooks newest first, so the template soon disappears.

I use three ways to keep frequently used notes within reach:

  1. Add the note to the shortcuts in the sidebar. Just drag a note across when you want to save it. This works for one or two notes, but not if you have a lot, because the shortcut list itself can get cluttered.
  2. Add tagged notes to the sidebar. Tag the notes you want to keep handy. Then create and save a search using that tag, and drag the saved search to your sidebar. Click on the saved search to show all the notes.
  3. Pin notes to the top of a notebook with a reminder. This is a bit of a hack, but perfect if you want to keep a specific note handy within a particular notebook.  Add a reminder to the note, but don’t add a date to it. This ‘pins’ the note to the top of the Notebook, meaning you can access it quickly. 
Three ways to pin your favourite Evernotes.

These all work across desktop, mobile and browser versions of Evernote. Creating each of these shortcuts varies a little by device, so check the Evernote help pages if you need to.