Speed up your blogging with Marxico for Evernote​

Lots of us research and write our blogs in Evernote. Many of us also use Markdown to quickly format posts.

Marxico lets you edit your and preview Markdown right inside your Evernote notes.

Many bloggers have discovered Markdown as a high-speed formatting tool. By adding short codes around your text, you can lay out your posts as you write. Add headings, links, bold and italics without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Fly through your formatting with Markdown

Unlike HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), Markdown is easy to remember. For example:

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
* Bullet
[Link text](Link URL)
*Italic text*
**Bold text**

You can review a full list here.

I discovered Markdown's time-saving awesomeness via Squarespace's Markdown block. Wordpress.com also supports Markdown, and Elegant Themes explains how to use Markdown plugins on Wordpress.

I don't normally write Markdown directly on my website. I get nervous about losing my work, or even worse, accidentally publishing it.

For best results, use a Markdown previewer

You can write Markdown in any text editor. But I've found that without a way to preview what you've marked, it's easy to miss errors. A missing bracket or a misplaced asterisk will slow you down when it comes to pasting your text into your blog. Which rather defeats the point.

Like many bloggers, I research and write my posts in Evernote. So I've been looking for a way to write and preview Markdown along side all my ordinary notes.

Which is where Marxico comes in.

Marxico is Evernote's missing Markdown editor.

Marxico lets you work on notes in a special editor. Your Markdown is on the left, with a live preview on the right. You can make either side full screen, which is great when you want to focus just on writing or on checking your work. You can also change the formatting of the editor, to find a theme that pleases you. (I like a dark background as it’s easy on my eyes.)

Marxico is a handy markdown editor for Evernote

In Marxico, you're working outside of Evernote, but your notes are backed up every few minutes.

You can't edit Marxico notes in Evernote. This makes sure you don't lose any changes because of wonky synchronisation. But you can find and view your Marxico notes in Evernote, along with any Context that Evernote suggests to help you out with writing your post.

Marxico costs $15.99/year. There's a free 10-day trial so you can see if it speeds up your blogging before you commit.

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